A sustainable future – Is it possible?

To achieve a better and more sustainable future in a rapidly evolving global infrastructure – That was the incentive when five Nordic countries gathered at the UN procurement seminar in Copenhagen last week.  

The seminar interconnects with the 17 sustainable global goals (SGDs) that UN aspire to achieve. Unfortunately, even though the ambition is high it’s difficult to ignore the many challenges.

The global development is in constant motion and so are the sustainable targets. It doesn’t mean these goals can’t be achieved, however it does mean a high demand for resources, greater involvement and strengthened partnerships across a variety of sectors. Today, sustainable solutions are in high demand on the UNGM (UN Global Market), and this is because the world are facing serious problems that requires an immediate global collaboration.

Conserving the planet is a shared responsibility and each sector in the development industry can contribute. However, continuously driving innovation forward demands support from large companies and increased alliances between private and public sectors.


Good for company growth, advancing human development & achieving the global goals.

The UN procurement seminar takes place in UN city Copenhagen once every two year.

It creates a hub where Nordic countries come together and reflect on how they can collaborate to develop solutions that benefits human development and realize global goals.

A purpose with the seminar is to encourage Nordic companies of all sizes and experience levels to join the event and engage in the UN market, whether it’s bringing new technology to the table or aligning existing ones with the goals. The two-day event offers ample time and opportunities to learn more about UN’s procurement needs, procedures and to network and form partnerships.

Important that private sectors get involved

Peter Person, New Business Development manager, at Guideline Geo attended the seminar last week and shares his thoughts on the subject. He talks about the importance of private sectors to get involved and how they play a big role in driving global development projects forward.

“The world we live in today is unfortunately struggling with many critical issues, many that are in direct conflict with achieving a sustainable future. We are consuming resources at a rate previously unknown, taking from future generations – It is clear that it will not hold, and a change is desperately needed. This is a change that each and everyone of us is responsible for. By making daily making the right life decisions, such as what to buy, what to eat, how to transport ourselves etc. The private sector is a big part in driving this change by what is offered and how products and solutions are developed and produced, what innovations are focused on. I am very fortunate and proud to be working for one of these companies that help making the world a better and more sustainable place for so many people – It is fantastic to see the impact you can do! Together we can change the world for the better and ensure we hand over a sustainable future also for generations to come!”
– Peter Person, New Business Development manager


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