Achieving UN’s 6th sustainable development goal

UN has 17 sustainable goals they hope to achieve by 2030. The goal we found to be most important, when working for a sustainable future, is number 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

Today, the clean water scarcity is a major and potentially irreversible threat to our planet. It is also the reason why we invest time and resources to develop non-destructive water prospecting solutions.

No water means no agriculture, no sanitation facilities and a compromised hygiene. These are serious issues that often leads to hunger, malnutrition, deceases and in worst cases death. One of the most urgent steps towards achieving the UN goal is to locate and correctly maintain clean, sustainable water sources.

Unfortunately, rummaging the ground in search for clean water can have a major negative impact on the environment.  Therefore, using non-invasive tools to locate more precise water locations before drilling will drastically minimize the number of drill holes and other environmental damages.

Supporting sustainable developments goals

To support the quest for a sustainable global infrastructure, Guideline Geo ABEM | MALÅ only deliver solutions that perform non-invasive geophysical investigations. Our instrument’s user areas are among the first and most important components towards a sustainable future.

Use our solutions to:

  • Correctly protect and manage current water sources by estimating water volume and monitor the spread of pollution.
  • Locating ideal locations for clean and long-lasting water.
  • Mapping the environment to establish low stability areas and avoid dangerous sink holes.
  • Establish ideal locations for farming and cultivation to ensure a sustainable agriculture.

Visit an inspiring event – AidEx

One event that inspire support and engagement in the UN goals are The Global humanitarian and development aid event (AidEx). We see AidEx as a great place for community and experts to meet and discuss ways to support the increasing need for emergency aids and development programs.

The next AidEx event will be hosted in Brussel this November. Besides visiting conferences, exhibitions and workshops hosted by AidEx, we will be there to discuss our solutions and begin potential partnerships that can help achieve the UN goal and ultimately improve many people’s lives.

More info on Guideline Geo’s participation at AidEx here

Learn about the sustainable development goals here UN – Sustainable Development Goals