Introducing ABEM TX-60

ABEM TX-60 is an optional external booster that further widens the ABEM WalkTEM’s application area, enabling even deeper soundings with even larger transmitter loops.

Boost your WalkTEM’s performance

ABEM TX-60 is a powerful expansion of the stand-alone ABEM WalkTEM system. It will increase the sounding depth and permit the use of large transmitter loops together with the high resolution receivers from the ABEM WalkTEM system.
Like the ABEM WalkTEM instrument, the ABEM TX-60 is designed for demanding field work under rough field conditions, housed in a rugged aluminum case that meets IEC IP 66.


  • Up to 60 A output current
  • Fully remote controlled from the ABEM WalkTEM
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Temperature stabilizing cooling fans
  • IP 66 casing for demanding environments