Introducing the ABEM Terrameter LS 2

In 2009 the ABEM Terrameter LS was launched, introducing features previously never seen in commercial resistivity meters. The new generation – ABEM Terrameter LS 2 pushes the boundaries even further.

One of the key features in the LS 2 is the introduction of a software licensing system that comes pre-installed with every instrument. In the previous version there were three different systems, depending on how many channels the user wanted. The software licensing system now allows for eight different product configurations to choose from. The new variants range from basic, standard to advanced models. Users can now upgrade from a basic model to an advanced version remotely, without the need of shipping the instrument to a service center. By creating the licensing system, the LS 2 can now reach a broader market with further prize-optimized solutions.

The ABEM Terrameter LS 2 offers modern connectivity such as Wi-Fi and 3G. These new modules allow for easier data transfer capabilities, whether the user is in the office or out in the field. It also makes remote controlling and monitoring possible, as well as updating the instrument remotely.

Further upgrades include a new CPU module for a smoother interface and quicker data transfer speeds, larger memory capabilities for increased data storage, a built-in charger for the internal battery, GPS/GLONASS for better positioning and improved IP measurement functionalities.