AidEx – Making a sustainable change

Just as the UN Copenhagen seminar, AidEx serves as a great summit to learn, network and form long lasting partnerships that interconnects with the UN goals. And creating partnerships also happens to be UN’s 17th global sustainable development goal (SGD): “Partnerships for the goals”.

Another sustainable goal is “Clean water and sanitation”. And water – one of the world’s most important resource – was Guideline Geo’s (GGEO’s) focus during AidEx Brussels event, which meant discussing the many benefits with our advanced ABEM solutions.

As always, GGEO places great importance on only developing solutions that are non-destructive. Using non-destructive equipment for geological investigations will severely minimize environmental harm and prevent inevitable, devastating consequences.

After all, GGEO’s objective is to protect, conserve and gently develop – To allow a growing population to live, learn and prosper on the planet without having to sacrifice a sustainable global infrastructure.

Last week Guideline Geo visited UN Copenhagen conference. Read article to hear what Peter Person (New business manager at GGEO) believe is