MALÅ AI – World’s first intelligent GPR

Today Guideline Geo is proud to present our unique MALÅ Artificial Intelligence, MALÅ AI. MALÅ AI is the world’s first real AI technology for interpretation of GPR data

It’s reliable, precise and instant. Our AI uses RealTime technology to deliver the results instantly on screen. Our AI has already surpassed quick interpretation of GPR data performed by human GPR experts. It can be used on all kinds of GPR data.

Our instant RealTime interpretation enables automatic detection, warnings, avoidance and even fully automated solutions. For example, in Utility Locating or Micro trenching MALÅ AI would instantly analyse the GPR data in the search for objects (hyperbolas) and mark the detected objects with a red square to warn the user and help to avoid damaging important infrastructure such as fibre, power cables or gas lines.

This is the start of our AI journey. Together with our customers and partners we will continuously improve our MALÅ AI to handle more and more challenging applications areas and different environments. We do this by training our AI by using customer feedback and data collected from all over the world.  Our huge number of users worldwide is a distinct advantage when it comes to training on relevant data and improving our AI.

Guideline Geo is today already working with a number of customers on exploring integrated AI solutions. We invite our customers and partners to contact us. Please send us your data, explore MALÅ AI together with us and discuss integrated solutions for your needs.

MALÅ AI will be integrated into our GPR solutions, both existing and future products.
We will present much more exciting news in 2019. This is only the beginning!

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