MALÅ EL WideRange HDR — groundbreaking utility detection

Guideline Geo now introduces the MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR, with the widest GPR antenna bandwidth on the market. The WideRange creates ultra-fast data acquisition for both shallow and deep utility targets — Simultaneously and all in one solution.

The MALÅ EL WideRange HDR is a unique GPR solution developed to maximize the efficiency, flexibility and quality of utility detection. With the 80–950 MHz effective bandwidth and an easy-to-use interface — all wrapped in a re-designed Pro Cart with improved stability and folding mechanics — the MALÅ WideRange HDR is unique and fills a gap in the utility detection market. 

−        “We are proud to introduce the MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR that will perfect and facilitate the utility detection for our customers. This unique solution, with the market’s widest bandwidth and an easy to handle cart, creates extraordinary possibilities to run efficient field-work and analyze the acquired high-resolution data from both shallow and deep depths simultaneously,” says Mikael Nolborg, CEO Guideline Geo AB.

MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR:

  • Latest addition to the MALÅ Easy Locator product family
  • Non-intrusive GPR (ground-penetrating-radar) technology
  • Developed for utility detection precise location and depth of buried infrastructure (pipes, cables etc.)
  • Dual-head sensor antenna with an effective bandwidth of 80−950 MHz
  • Antenna: MALÅ Semi-Real-Time sampling HDR Technology
  • High resolution data acquisition simultaneous shallow and deep targets
  • Re-engineered MALÅ EL Pro Cart with improved stability, folding mechanics and a new battery
    compartment with smoother handling and more battery space.
  • Alternative data views with a movable horizontal divider (view more or less of the high resolution
    or deep penetrating data respectively)

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Information: Not available in the USA or Canada pending FCC/ISED approval

For more information, contact:

Mikael Nolborg, CEO Guideline Geo AB (publ)
Cell phone: +46 708 36 99 00

Jesper Emilsson, Product Manager MALÅ GPR
Cell phone:
+46 70 3507789

Per Westholm, President MALÅ Geoscience USA, Inc
Cell phone:
(843) 860-0208


Press release GGEO 20170626