MALÅ  – Not only a brand

MALÅ a brand and cityFar up North in Sweden, more exactly in Malå Lapland – you will  find Guideline Geo’s production unit of advanced geophysical equipment along with development, administration and logistics. The equipment is used for various applications, whereof archeology generates the greatest interest from the general public. Stonehenge, the Tomb of Christ and Ground Zero are well known to many. When you see the connection between the brand MALÅ and these projects – the interest for Malå as a village increases as well – even for those with limited connection to geophysics and its possibilities.

The Guideline Geo/MALÅ business creates an impact on the region with 3200 people in Malå alone. The location of the company has attracted great competence and many nationalities to the Northern hinterland.

If you “master the art of Swedish”, read the article by the media “Norran” covering  a visit to  the Guideline Geo | MALÅ production unit.