The new Resistivity/IP feature that significantly improves performance

Resistivity/IP_ABEM_TerrameterLSABEM Terrameter LS 2 has been upgraded with an IP feature using 100 % duty cycle. A unique feature developed to significantly increase measuring speed as well as the data quality.

The recently launched Terrameter LS 2, using resistivity/IP and with a scalability from basic to advanced configurations, provides a flexible solution for the mapping of the subsurface.

Applications such as environmental mapping and mineral exploration will benefit from the IP 100 % duty cycle feature, in order to raise the quality and efficiency further.

The IP 100 % duty cycle feature removes the “off-time” during measurements which means twice the speed and double the signal to noise ratio compared to the conventional IP method (50 % duty cycle) using the same settings.

The Terrameter LS 2 offers an easy-to-upgrade licensing system making it scalable and easy to upgrade. Every instrument comes preinstalled with all hardware modules, giving users the option to activate relevant features ranging from Basic to Advanced.

Additional features include the recently added IP 100 % duty cycle.

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