TEM-technology to secure the water supplies

Water is a scarce commodity in many countries – now also in Sweden. In the Swedish government’s autumn budget, approximately 850 MSEK has been allocated for a three-year “water package” to be used in various projects with the aim of ensuring water supply. 100 MSEK of this budget has been awarded to the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), in order to, among other things, map groundwater from the air at different locations in the country.

The Danish helicopter system, SkyTEM, has already been used to map groundwater resources at several locations in Sweden with excellent results. Guideline Geo’s ABEM WalkTEM originates from the same technology as SkyTEM. WalkTEM is a cost effective solution that can be used as stand-alone or as a complement to airborne measurements.

With SkyTEMS’s helicopter system, larger areas can be mapped while the groundbased WalkTEM is used in areas not covered by SkyTEM mapping or as a follow-up on specific locations to see changes in groundwater levels over time.

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