A history of leading geophysical research

Today, Guideline Geo is a global leader in the field with customers in over 100 countries and has a long history of pioneering and developing solutions to geophysical and geotechnological challenges.

The historical roots that support Guideline Geo stretch back to the start of the 20th century, with the founding of Aktiebolaget Elektrisk Malmletning (ABEM), a producer of electrical equipment for ore prospecting, in 1923. Shortly afterwards, Sveriges Geologiska Undersökningar (SGU), the company that developed the first electromagnetic loop for ore and metal detection, established an office in Malå, in northern Sweden.

The success story grew from there. By the 1950s, ABEM was Europe’s largest geophysical consulting company, while SGU eventually evolved into MALÅ GeoScience AB with a proud heritage of technical developments and world-beating innovations, leading to today’s pre-eminence in ground penetrating radar (GPR).

ABEM and MALÅ joined forces in the early 1990s and were incorporated into Guideline Technology AB between 2007-2011. The group was eventually consolidated under the name Guideline Geo in 2012, as the world’s premier provider of technological solutions for mapping and visualizing the subsurface through ground penetrating radar, geo-electrics and electromagnetics, and near-surface seismics.