Geophysical identification of
permafrost in Antarctica

MALÅ GPR plays an important role in the unsealing of the legendary Tomb of Christ

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We deliver innovative and best-in-class instruments as well as the software, services, and support for visualizing and subsurface mapping.

Everyday experts are working globally to understand and protect our environment while a growing population demands constant expansion of infrastructure. To support these investigations and developments, Guideline Geo produces non-destructive solutions designed for many different geophysical projects around the world – solutions ranging from subsurface mapping for utilities and archaeological remains to identifying new mineral deposits and lifesaving supplies of water. Our geophysical equipment offering includes ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity meter, seismograph, and transient electromagnetic systems.

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Our World Leading Brands

ABEM and MALÅ, experts in their separate fields, decided to join forces and become one company operating under the name of Guideline Geo. Thanks to their innovative solutions and broad product range it is now possible to conduct comprehensive non-destructive surveys by subsurface mapping from near-surface to depth using equipment from just one provider – surveys that are important for understanding and protecting our ever-evolving planet.

Every day our world-wide customers are finding groundwater, mapping and monitoring contamination, and conducting projects within roadwork and tunnel investigations. Thanks to our instruments this can be done without the need for drilling, digging, or other slow, costly, and potentially damaging techniques.

The merger into Guideline Geo has resulted in one strong company with enough resources to give our customers complete geophysical solutions – ranging from advanced instruments to the necessary processing and visualization software.

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MALÅ Geoscience - ABEM instruments


Today, Guideline Geo | ABEM | MALÅ are involved in projects in more than 100 countries.

Our subsurface mapping techniques have for example helped to locate ancient ruins, mapping the spread of threatening contamination and expanding roads without damaging the surrounding environment.

geophysical identification of permafrost in Antarctica using the resistivity meter

Geophysical identification of permafrost in Antarctica

Permafrost melting in the Antarctic puts science center in jeopardy. The ABEM Terrameter LS was on site to perform geophysical investigations.

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Two men subsurface mapping with GPR and resistivity meter

GPR plays an important role in the unsealing of the Legendary Tomb of Christ

Thousands of people are visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem every year. This historical venue needed to be thoroughly investigated by MALÅ GX and ABEM Terrameter LS to reveal what is hidden under the floor and behind the walls.

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Preservation of agricultural value | during re-route of highway |

Due to the increased traffic intensity on the E22 highway and limited possibilities to broaden the road, a new solution needed to be drawn up to ensure the flow, safety, and environmental values. ABEM Terrameter LS played an important part in this important project.

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