intelligent ground penetrating radar solution

MALÅ Easy Locator Core

MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the state of the art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals.

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dual antenna choice for utility mapping

MALÅ Easy Locator WideRange

The dual antenna choice for utility mapping, with added post-processing and positioning features

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flexible GPR solution with a wide range of antenna options

MALÅ Ground Explorer

A flexible GPR solution with a wide range of antenna options and measuring devices, offering exceptional range and resolution

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3D GPR array for mapping large areas


3D GPR array for mapping large areas to locate buried objects and artifacts. Used in utility locating, road surveys and bridge deck scanning

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Airborne GPR solution

MALÅ Geo Drone 80

Airborne GPR solution for efficient field work, designed specifically for data collection in remote, hazardous and in-accessible areas

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GPR Acquisition software

MALÅ Controller App

GPR Acquisition software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results

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GPR data analysis and processing

MALÅ Vision

An easy to use cloud-based software that allows for GPR data analysis and processing on any device

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ABEM Terrameter LS 2 - Resistivity and IP surveys

ABEM Terrameter LS 2

Flexible, easy to use and boasting a number of innovative features the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 is the ideal partner for geotechnical, groundwater, mineral or environmental surveys and research work

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The ABEM WalkTEM 2 - A rapid survey solution


The ABEM WalkTEM 2 is a user-friendly, rapid survey solution that can provide precise resistivity models directly in the field for the search, mapping and monitoring of groundwater, mineral deposits, and environmental change

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A versatile seismograph

ABEM Terraloc Pro 2

A versatile seismograph that can be used with any type of seismic accessory for every possible application

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Guideline Geo is a world-leader in geophysics and geo-technology offering sensors, software, services and support necessary to map and visualize the subsurface.

We provide complete solutions and applications expertise around the globe in four key growth areas: detecting and mapping groundwater, environmental and geological risk assessments, infrastructure site investigations and mineral exploration.

In 2012 Guideline Geo consolidated its two subsidiaries ABEM and MALÅ to offer unparalleled technical expertise, innovative solutions and world-leading global brands. The merger into Guideline Geo has resulted in one strong company with enough resources to give our customers complete geophysical solutions – ranging from advanced instruments to the necessary processing and visualization software.

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