Case Stories

How have we helped solve challenges to date? Here are some of the cases where Guideline Geo has helped provide answers.

The list of cases where Guideline Geo has provided technology and services to help our clients achieve their aims stretches back over history. The following examples provide some insight as to the breadth and variety of challenges that we have been involved with.

Utility locating with MALÅ MIRA in Italy x 4

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Successful prospecting of groundwater in Bolivia

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Fresh Water intrusion in saline aquifer

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GPR data from Underground utility detection

Various data examples from Utility locating projects

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GPR for utility mapping & detection

Why it is important to scan the subsurface for underground utilities before starting a construction project?

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Large scale utility mapping

Collecting a vast amount of GPR data to determine the subsurface characteristics before commencing the construction of a new pump station.

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conducting geophysical survey on Island

GPR identification of ash layers and water tables in Iceland

A GPR-system was used to address the distribution of ash layers after a recently erupted volcano.

The same GPR-unit was also used to further investigate the volcano’s internal structure to learn more about its dynamics.

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Marine geophysical survey in subway extension project – Res/IP

Finding the most appropriate method for investigating bedrock quality.

Extending a subway-line through a marine environment comes with many challenges. One is finding a method that can handle potential gas pockets.

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geophysical identification of permafrost in Antarctica using the resistivity meter

Geophysical identification of permafrost in Antarctica

Permafrost melting in the Antarctic puts science center in jeopardy. The ABEM Terrameter LS was on site to perform geophysical investigations.

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Two men subsurface mapping with GPR and resistivity meter

GPR plays an important role in the unsealing of the Legendary Tomb of Christ

Thousands of people are visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem every year. This historical venue needed to be thoroughly investigated by MALÅ GX and ABEM Terrameter LS to reveal what is hidden under the floor and behind the walls.

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