The flexible GPR solution

MALÅ GX (Ground Explorer) is an integrated GPR solution with a wide range of antenna options.

Through unique HDR technology, MALÅ GX offers significantly better data quality and faster acquisition rates. The GX series of antennas are fully integrated with MALÅ Controller App and MALÅ Vision. MALÅ GX is an easy-to-use and field proven GPR solution for a wide range of different applications.


A flexible GPR solution

Typical application areas


Infrastructure is the largest general application area for GPR. The technique is widely used in urban environments, both for planning and maintenance of all kinds of infrastructure. Common applications include Utility locating and mapping, Road profiling, Bridge assessment, Bedrock detection, Cultural Heritage mapping, Sinkhole detection, Tunnel investigations, Pre-road and utility planning, Concrete investigations, River/lake bottom analysis etc.


Geological applications are usually both longer and deeper (lower frequency antennas) surveys and sometimes performed in boreholes. Work includes, Layer detection, Rock fracture analysis, general and more detailed Site investigations, Pre-mining studies, Exploration work, Bathymetry, Earthquake prediction, Landslide investigations, Volume estimations, Ore lineage mapping, Nuclear waste repository studies, Tunnelling work, etc.


Environmental applications are varied but usually includes working to avoid or neutralize hazardous obstacles or locales. Applications include, detection of Underground storage tanks (UST), Unexploded ordnance (UXO), Improvised explosive devices (IED), Demining work, Landfill studies, Contamination risk assessment, In-mine safety and risk assessment, Dam safety, etc.


Outstanding data quality with exceptional performance

MALÅ GX uses the innovative and patented MALÅ HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. HDR is based on real-time sampling.

The main advantages with MALÅ HDR technology  

  • Reduces random noise 
  • Faster acquisition speed 
  • Deeper penetration without losing detail in data 
  • Broader bandwidth 

Different surveys conducted with the GX system showing its capacity in a wide range of application areas

GX flexible GPR antenna

Facilitating field measurements

MALÅ GX antennas feature an integrated DGPS for positioning and it also supports the use of external GPS solutions when necessary. There are multiple options of distance measuring devices and encoders, and Guideline Geo will try helping to accommodating customized encoders when possible.

MALÅ GX supports wireless data collection through WiFi. Normal working range varies between 25-100 meters depending on local conditions. Data collection can be made using the high-resolution, field worthy, MALÅ GX Controller, or using recommended Android tablets and MALÅ Controller App. The latter solution will only work with wireless data collection. If a wire connection is preferred the MALÅ GX Controller must be used.

GPR antennas with 4 different frequencies

MALÅ GX is an integrated GPR solution with four MALÅ GX antenna options: GX80, GX160, GX450 and GX750.  

MALÅ GX can be optimized for specific measurements and applications by adding different antennas. For the GX-series of antennas, there are four options to choose from using centerfrequencies of 80, 160, 450 or 750MHz. The choice of antenna frequency will be governed by your application and the desired depth penetration and resolution. All new MALÅ GX antennas are app-enabled, and comes with WiFi connection per default. This enables full integration with MALÅ Controller app and MALÅ Vision.

Flexible GPR antenna solution 



MALÅ Controller App for real-time interpretation support

Real-time MALÅ AI interpretation support is a revolution in the GPR world. MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the first product world-wide using intelligent real-time interpretation support for utility locating. All markers set by MALÅ AI can be converted to standard markers with localized utility color codes directly in the field. This provide an invaluable interpretation support for inexperienced users, but also speeds up the interpretation process for more experienced users, thus saving valuable time. When point objects have been identified and marked with the real-time MALÅ AI interpretation support tool the markers can be converted into regular object markers and exported to MALÅ Vision for further processing. MALÅ AI is currently only supported when using MALÅ Controller App.

Options and configuration

Optimize the system for specific projects by choosing from a wide range of MALÅ GX antennas, monitor solutions and measuring devices.  

Every MALÅ GX solution contains two separate main components: the GX antenna and the data acquisition computer/controller. Data acquisition is done by using the GX Controller and/or MALÅ Controller App. MALÅ Controller App connects wirelessly to the GX antenna and GX Controller can also use a cable connection. MALÅ GX is typically configured as either a push- or pull system. To configure a push-system, the MALÅ GX Controller and a MALÅ GX antenna are mounted on a Rough Terrain Cart (MALÅ RTC and RTC Mini). There are two MALÅ RTC options. MALÅ RTC fits GX 160 and smaller antennas. The MALÅ RTC Mini fits with the GX 450 or smaller antennas but is much smaller and lighter in weight. To configure a pull-system, an encoder wheel is fitted to the mounting block on the back of the antenna. The GX Controller, or MALÅ Controller App, is then carried using a monitor holder. The antenna assembly is pulled using the MALÅ GX Pulling Kit.


MALÅ Controller App data example

Use the MALÅ GX Controller for optimal durability or use a recommended Android tablet and the MALÅ Controller App for extended functionality, light weight and wireless solution.


Flexible GPR antenna option GX

The MALÅ GX HDR antenna options are: GX80, GX160, GX450, and GX750.


Choose the MALÅ GX Pulling-kit for forested terrain or use the GX Rough Terrain Cart or Rough Terrain Cart Mini, for a wheeled solution in uneven terrain.  

Software options

MALÅ Vision data example


An easy to use cloud-based software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results.

MALÅ Controller App data example


MALÅ Controller App is an easy-to-use acquisition software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results


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