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Flexible, easy to use and boasting a number of innovative features the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 is the ideal partner for geotechnical, groundwater, mineral or environmental surveys and research work. Whether it is repeated autonomous monitoring across an electrode layout of hundreds of metres or a one-off measurement on centimetre-spaced pins in a laboratory model, the Terrameter LS 2 can do it all.

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ABEM Terrameter LS 2 - Resistivity and IP surveying system

Application Areas


Groundwater prospecting

One of the oldest applications for electrical resistivity which is not limited to just detecting water but is able to differentiate between fresh, brackish and saline deposits, monitor drawdown and recharge of an aquifer, or simply estimate its extents by surveying across a landscape. The addition of chargeability data from the Induced Polarization (IP) method can further differentiate between clay and water which have similar resistivity values associated with them. The SAS Log accessory allows further refinements of hydrological models with borehole resistivity logging.

Geological mapping

The Terrameter LS 2 can fulfil a wide range of activities in the engineering world such as determining depth to bedrock, making an assessment of bedrock strength, mapping pollution plumes, monitoring dams and embankments for seepage, looking for potential slip planes, mapping voids and locating large deep infrastructure that might be beyond the reach of GPR.

Mineral exploration

Rapid recording of both resistivity and IP data, and the option to make SP (spontaneous potential) measurements, makes the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 well-suited to near-surface mineral prospection. A large number of mineral ores generate significant resistivity and IP responses which allows for a more complete picture than drilling alone.


Outstanding data quality

Always collecting the best data possible 

Class-leading resolution comes from every measurement channel having a dedicated 24-bit digitiser, which then auto selects the best of 3 voltage ranges, allowing both large and small signals to be recorded without clipping or loss of resolution. The electrical isolation between all channels reduces interference from strong signals polluting any weaker responses on adjacent channelsIn addition, the Terrameter LS 2 features our unique 100% duty cycle IP measurement mode, which can provide better quality chargeability data. This mode extracts IP effects from the current switch-over rather than switch-off period, providing a larger measurable effect and faster measurements, thus allowing time for more stacks to further improve signal-to-noise ratios.

High quality resistivity data from ABEM Terrameter LS 2

High quality resistivity data from ABEM Terrameter LS 2

Mineral exploration using Resistivity-IP. Location of possible gold bearing formations associated with metallic sulfide mineralization.

Unmatched versatility

Tailor the system to fit your survey needs and remotely upgrade the specification if those needs change 

The ABEM Terrameter LS 2 resistivity meter offers an unrivaled hardware licensing system where the system specification is controlled by a license code. Choose the specification to meet your current needs and budget and be assured that if your needs change in the future, an upgrade of the specifications is just an internet connection away. License upgrades can be accessed via our online license server or emailed directly to your inbox for transfer to the instrument by USB. The Terrameter family of products are capable of resistivity, IP and SP measurements by VES, imaging, or profiling on land, in water or via boreholes utilising spreads of 16,000+ electrodes if necessary. 

High quality resistivity data from ABEM Terrameter LS 2

View system configurations

Remote connectivity

Operate, upgrade, download or test anywhere, at any time

Flexible remote connectivity allows you to run the instrument from any device via Wi-Fi, ethernet or a mobile connection either locally or through the internet. It also allows the ABEM support team to assist with support or troubleshooting without the need to return the instrument to a workshop. This unique feature ensures that the system is always up to date, operating correctly, with the risk of downtime kept to an absolute minimum.  

Surveing System for Resisivity measurements - ABEM Terrameter LS 2


Designed and optimized for even the harshest of conditions 

The robust and durable aluminum casing meets IEC IP66 classification and allows for use in anywhere from -20°C to +70°C. Durable high specification connectors, a 6mm shatterproof glass screen and protective rubber bump strips ensure a reliable and tough system. If the environment is unwelcoming, the 100% duty cycle IP mode, automated optimisation of the measurement protocols and up to 12 measurement channels means you’ll never be in the field longer than necessary – ensuring fast and precise resistivity and IP surveying.


High quality resistivity data from ABEM Terrameter LS 2


ABEM Transport Case

Transport and store your instrument securely

Protect your equipment in even the toughest of conditions. With the ABEM Transport Case you can be sure that your Terrameter LS 2 is safely stored during transportation to and from the field. Industry-leading materials ensure a rugged dust and water proof case that can withstand the test of weather and time.



The electrical resistivity method has a huge range of applications from the mapping of resources such as minerals and water, to environmental monitoring, to engineering and hazard assessment. 

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