ABEM Terrameter Log 300 is a plug-and-play borehole logging tool compatible with both the SAS and LS product ranges.

  • Seamlessly adds borehole capability to existing resistivity systems
  • Provides detail at depth unachievable from surface measurements alone
  • Can help establish water quality in boreholes
  • Robust, durable design for demanding fieldwork
  • Backpack frame for easier deployment





Application Areas


The ABEM Terrameter Log 300 is a capable borehole logging tool for recording resistivity, IP, SP and temperature. In general, it can be used in any application where greater resolution and/or direct measurement of resistivity is required at depth. This might be to help identify thin layers or improve the quality of inversion results by providing a sample of true resistivity values to the software. Commonly it is used for groundwater studies to help better define the geological formations and assess water quality by estimating the TDS (total dissolved solids).​



The ABEM Terrameter Log 300 allows the full transmitter and receiver capabilities of the host instrument (SAS or LS) to be applied at depth from within the borehole through a combination of electrodes on the logging sonde and lead cable.

  • Short normal, long normal, lateral and fluid resistivity and IP measurements
  • SP and temperature logging
  • Fluid level test
  • Suitable for boreholes down to 300m
  • Automatic integration with Terrameter SAS and Terrameter LS instruments
  • Distance markers on cable
  • Backpack carrying frame




The electrical resistivity method has a huge range of applications from the mapping of resources such as minerals and water, to environmental monitoring, to engineering and hazard assessment. 

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