GPR data analysis and processing on any device

An easy to use cloud-based software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results.


An easy-to-use software for handling of GPR data, developed for usage on any device for all types of GPR users.


Built on Microsoft Azure cloud platform providing global access, guaranteed uptime (99,995%) and secure storage.


Integrate all your relevant data for accurate interpretations and precise results.

Seamless project workflow

Find and mark objects with the built-in toolbox for processing and interpretation.

Add filters, display effects or interpretations – MALÅ Vision makes it easy to analyse, process and interpret GPR data. Quickly interpret profiles with the auto-switch marker tool using standardised utility color codes.

Analyse from all angles

Visualise and present GPR data in 2D and 3D.

MALÅ Vision allows you to switch from one view to the other while working on a project. All processing is done in the background, leaving you free to continue with your analysis and interpretation.

Integrated map and positioning

View site of survey via a map overview. MALÅ Vision keeps precise track of all coordinates in your imported data.

Document all buried assets. View your results on a map, with satellite image or using Street view (first person view) of your site.

Pricing and subscription options

MALÅ Vision Community license is available free-of-charge. The license can easily be obtained through self-registration and the user will get immediate access to the software. MALÅ Vision Single license and Team license will be released during 2021. All MALÅ Vision Community users will be notified once available.

Tier Data limit Functionality Price/month Price/year
MALÅ Vision Community 50 Mb Full* Free Free
MALÅ Vision Single    100 Gb Full Coming January 2021 Coming January 2021
MALÅ Vision Team 500 Gb Full Coming January 2021 Coming January 2021


*The MALÅ Vision Community license

The MALÅ Vision Community license includes the full standard software but with a limited storage of 50 Mb of imported data, enough for completing a smaller to mid-sized project. The Community license enables any user to experience the full functionality of the software and see the benefits of using MALÅ Vision.

With limited storage space (50 MB in Community tier) and limited number of files per project (200/project) the user can test the software and manage smaller data sets in MALÅ Vision.

We recommend that you try the Community version for:

  • Limited area surveys
  • Utility and point targets
  • 3D Grid Projects
  • Object mapper projects with coordinates
  • General projects with good coordinate information
  • When you need to view and process data as fast as possible