Guideline Geo is the authorized distributor of Reutech Slope Stability Monitoring Solutions in North America*.

The core focus at Reutech Mining is to provide geotechnical slope stability monitoring solutions. An effective slope stability management programme improves safety and increases productivity through the real time monitoring of rock slope behaviour. The MSR range powered by MSR Connect is one of the most advanced geotechnical monitoring systems available on the market.


*For inquiries outside of North America, please contact Reutech Mining directly. For Chile and Peru inquiries please contact Clonsa Ingenieria.



MSR Range

The MSR range is the world’s most advanced slope stability radars, improving safety and productivity through accuracy and reliability. The MSR range uses high performance radar technology and is powered by the innovative MSR Connect software. The MSR modular offers increased flexibility by providing highly customisable solutions. MSRIV Esprit is the fastest scanning radar in the industry and was designed to operate in highly volatile atmospheric conditions and detecting fast moving slopes.

MSRIV Esprit

Real speed not synthetic time

MSRIV Esprit is the fourth generation MSR. This is the fastest scanning radar in the industry, MSRIV Esprit was designed to operate in highly volatile atmospheric conditions. It can detect a failure up to a rate of 13 500mm/h, the highest in the market.


MSR Modular

Engineered with modularity in mind

Building on the innovative MSR Standard hardware platform, the MSR Modular offers all of the same benefits. The building blocks of the MSR Modular take flexibility to a whole new level, providing a highly customizable solution.

The Radar Module forms the foundation of the solution and can be supplied with electrical power to provide real time data at operating distances of up to 4000 meters. Intended to evolve with the requirements of operational and budgetary requirements, the MSR Modular allows for optional Battery, Generator and Solar Modules, all with a variety of mounting options.






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