Utility mapping software – MALÅ Object Mapper 2018

Screenshot of utility mapping software Object MapperObject Mapper is an easy-to-use visualization utility mapping software for processing, analysis, and interpretation of utility detection GPR data acquired by MALÅ systems – including MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR.

The Object Mapper utility mapping software is appreciated by its users for its simplicity and effectiveness to deliver results. The new version – Object Mapper 2018 – has several enhanced features including support of online maps. The utility mapping software supports both Object Mapper GPS projects and Baseline projects, which means that a GPS project is utilizing positioning coordinates from a GPS receiver and a Baseline project acquires coordinate points with reference to a physical Baseline drawn up at onsite. Experience the advantages of MALÅ Object Mapper 2018 utility mapping software. Download the software today and receive a 14-day free trial.  Please see under “Downloads” below.

Download Object Mapper Now        cloud

Screenshot of coordinates in utility mapping software Object Mapper14 DAYS FREE ACCESS

A 14-day free access period is included in the Object Mapper 2018 download. During this period, users can open any project and use Google Maps when a project has been collected with GPS coordinates.

After the initial trial period ends, you can only open the demo projects available on a separate download, unless a full license is purchased or an earlier version of Object Mapper is upgraded. To keep using Object Mapper once the initial trial period is over please contact sales@guidelinegeo.com to purchase the license key. Information on how to upgrade your existing Object Mapper utility mapping software license, please follow the instructions in the ‘ReadMe.pdf’ file at the download page.

Please note regarding Google Maps
Google Maps is included in the Object Mapper 2018 utility mapping software license for 12 months, regardless of when it is purchased.  


  • Simple handling of GPR utility mapping data
  • Parallel Data view and Site Map
  • Online maps support (Google Maps)
  • Support of Object Mapper GPS project and Baseline projects
  • Selection of color-markers to identify each object
  • Export of results to CAD/GIS software through DXF
  • Import of the MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR data
  • Support for both Lat./Long. and UTM coordinates


  • Utility and object mapping


Object Mapper 2018 Brochure 

Object Mapper 2018 SW download

Object Mapper 2018 User Manual

Object Mapper 2018 upgrade instructions