Code of Conduct

Code of conduct  – PDF

The Guideline Geo Code of Conduct is a compilation of the rules and guidelines that form the basis for our activities and for our relations with our clients, business partners, employees and other stakeholders. The Guideline Geo Code of Conduct applies equally to both employees, the Group’s Board of Directors, Suppliers and Agents.

  1. The Guideline Geo Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles for businesses in the areas of human rights, labor issues, the environment and anti-corruption.
  2. Guideline Geo follows the laws and regulations and respects the cultures and traditions in every country in which the company is active.
  3. Guideline Geo does not offer benefits that are in violation of the law or contrary to good commercial practice.
  4. Guideline Geo employees are to observe good commercial practice and act ethically in all their business undertakings and relations with stakeholders.
  5. Guideline Geo employees must not accept payments or other forms of remuneration from a third party that may affect or may be perceived to affect their objectivity when making commercial decisions.
  6. All financial transactions are to be reported in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  7. Guideline Geo adopts a neutral position as regards political parties and candidates seeking political office.
  8. Guideline Geo supports and respects measures to protect internationally recognized human rights.
  9. Guideline Geo encourages diversity in the workplace.
  10. Guideline Geo recruits and looks after all employees without discrimination on the grounds of gender, faith, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political conviction, trade union affiliation and social or ethnic origin.
  11. Guideline Geo does not tolerate any form of forced labor or child labor.
  12. Guideline Geo ensures that the right to freedom of association is to be respected. All employees have the right to a safe, healthy work environment.
  13. Guideline Geo is to play its part in creating more sustainable development both through Business partners by informing them and make them aware of the Guideline Geo commitments and expectations and through Guideline Geo own business activities.