The rugged seismograph

The ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is a tough and versatile seismograph for geotechnical and structural assessment, geological survey and environmental studies. Common applications include locating bedrock and determining its strength, predicting the stability of materials ahead of construction, pile and foundation testing, and traditional geological mapping and exploration work.

versatile seismograph

Application Areas

Ground investigation

A wide range of geotechnical information can be gathered using seismic methods: depth to bedrock, recording the strength and stability of materials, void location, and earthquake resilience are among the most common applications. Additionally, seismic velocities can be converted into common engineering parameters to provide a quantifiable result.

Geological exploration

Seismic survey has been used to map geological formations for many decades, most commonly by collecting refraction and reflection data. Tasks such as finding the contact between two different geological units, sequencing of layers, mapping structures and faults, and mineral exploration are well documented uses for seismic methods.


Receivers and/or sources can be used within boreholes for uphole, downhole, crosshole and tomography surveys; this approach provides detail that is unachievable from surface measurement alone. Borehole accessories integrate directly with the Terraloc and can also be used to investigate specific subsurface structures such as concrete piles or foundations.


versatile seismograph


IP66 protection, no need for an external computer and set-up wizards take the stress out of survey.

A core principle for ABEM is to make dependable, easy to use instruments. A set-up wizard will help you get the right settings and surveys can be completed using only the instrument keypad: no PC, no peripherals, just the Terraloc, spread cables and geophones. This allows for efficient fieldwork with IP66 protection maintained throughout the survey.


Independent receiver circuits on every channel provide market leading data quality.

Outstanding dynamic range from high specification digitizers with selectable voltage ranges ensures the ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is able to record everything from ‘a whisper to an explosion’. Isolated receiver circuits significantly reduce noise and on-board filtering and analysis tools provide efficient in-field quality assurance so there are no surprises upon returning to the office.

versatile seismograph


The ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 offers the flexibility to undertake reflection, refraction, surface wave and borehole surveys with a scaleable hardware design to perfectly meet your needs.

Available in 12, 24 or 48 channel versions, these instruments can be upgraded to grow with your changing requirements. If you have two or more instruments, they can operate independently or be interconnected to further increase channel numbers when big projects come up. The system can operate with any type of seismic accessory to work in the widest range of applications.

versatile seismograph



The Terraloc Pro 2 is the latest in a long line of seismic instruments from ABEM with a design that simplifies the process of collecting good quality data.

How you choose to collect that high quality data is up to you – the system can: use single and multi-component geophones, borehole accessories and hydrophones; operate with a range of sources from a simple hammer, to a vibration rig to explosives; record data appropriate for reflection, refraction or surface wave studies. And this broad capability is delivered in a rugged, go-anywhere one-box solution.

1. Available in 12, 24 and 48 channels (upgradeable)​

2. Two additional reference channels​

3. Interlink multiple units​

4. Analogue or digital triggering​

5. Hot swap batteries

6. 6mm shatterproof full-colour screen ​

7. IP66 housing with built-in GPS​​

8. No external PC or peripherals required​

versatile seismograph


Seismic methods are not just useful for traditional geological exploration; analysis of seismic motion is an invaluable engineering tool to map the location and nature of bedrock and predict the strength and stability of materials.



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