Mapping new deposits for increased nickel demand

Client Profile

TerraLog Services provides geophysical services and contracting focused on the exploration of coal, iron, nickel, gold and other minerals. TerraLog Services is a full exploration service provider and delivers every step from field work to interpretations, including data processing and modeling work. The company is primarily engaged in Indonesia and is a branch subsidiary to PT. RecsaLog Geoprima.


As prospectors turn to new sources of ore for nickel production in order to keep pace with growing world demand, mineral-bearing laterites (soil types found in warm and humid areas) are now being investigated for nickel extraction. But identification and quantification of the composition of nickel-bearing laterites is complex, making it difficult to identify through traditional mapping using drill hole measurements


Guideline Geo’s solutions have brought a great value to TerraLog Services. The surveys along with strategically placed boreholes have enabled several laterite deposits to be classified as hosts of extractable mineral resources. With the MALÅ ProEx system, along with MALÅ RTA antenna, they are now mapping the geological conditions and creating a basis for analyzing what resources further investigations would demand.


With MALÅ ProEx, Indonesian TerraLog Services and other mineral developers have found an important new tool to help them evaluate new deposits more effectively. Equipped with the unique Rough Terrain Antenna (MALÅ RTA), TerraLog Services can map geological conditions and assess what resources are required for further prospecting and evaluation of laterite deposits.