Guideline Geo offers comprehensive training on all of our products; this can be arranged as part of your equipment purchase or as a standalone course. The training will be tailored to your specific needs, starting from the geophysical principles that your instruments operate upon, through the range of instrument parameters and survey options available to you (including practical field demonstrations), and finally covering data handling and processing.

The course content will be focused on your specific application area, keeping it relevant to your day-to-day work. Guideline Geo can deliver training either at one of our worldwide offices or at venues local to you. If you are interested in arranging a training session, please contact our Sales department.


Guideline Geo Academy

As well as individual training packages we will be running regular workshops and seminars, as part of our Guideline Academy, allowing you to improve or refresh theoretical knowledge and keep abreast of technological and methodological developments:

Workshops are hands-on courses with a strong focus on the practicalities of survey procedure and data handling, empowering participants to realize the full capabilities of their Guideline Geo solution. Most of the workshops require very little prior theoretical knowledge. The courses start with the basic operating principles of a particular instrument, look at the range of available options for survey,

demonstrate how to assess the quality of the recorded data, and then cover some basic data processing. At every stage, the theoretical work is supported by practical demonstrations, with hints and tips on how to acquire the highest quality data and avoid the most common survey mistakes.

Seminars range from basic technical awareness training to more advanced events providing in-depth coverage of a particular geophysical method or application area; these tend to have less hands-on time with instruments than the workshops.

The basic technical awareness training is suited to those with limited knowledge of our products but who are interested in how geophysical methods might be of use to them. These ‘awareness’ courses cover the general principles of geophysics and the range of techniques available, including their capabilities, limitations and common applications.

Along the way we look at how the Guideline Geo family of instrument utilize these geophysical methods to provide high quality survey solutions for mapping the subsurface.The more advanced seminars are designed for customers with prior experience of a method or instrumentation so that the focus of the session need not surround basic principles of operation or geophysical theory.

The advanced seminars might relate to a particular technique, covering both the theory and practical survey considerations (for example, “collection and analysis of IP data” or “MASW survey”), or it could concentrate on one application area where a number of techniques are discussed (for example “water prospection” or “pollution monitoring”). If you would be interested in attending such events please register your details below and we will contact you as and when we add new events to our timetable.