I have an EM locator. Do I need a GPR as well?

EM Locators (EML, electromagnetic pipe & cable locators) is a universal technology for locating and tracing buried utility lines. As with any geophysical method, EM locators have their limitations. GPR (ground penetrating radar) is not bound by the same limitations and can help at sites where EML doesn’t deliver. Most utility locating professionals are today using a combination of EML and GPR techniques.

EM Locators can be used to trace and identify target lines and measure the depth from the surface to the target. EM Locators can also trace and identify sewers and other metallic services to which there is access.

EM Locators can however not be used for location of non-metallic lines as plastic pipes or most fibre optic cables. If no trace wires or tapes are present, these types of utilities can however be located by GPR.

GPR also provide the possibility to find other sub-surface features as underground constructions, geological layers and depth to bedrock.

If the utility network is complicated, with lots of buried utilities in a small space, a multichannel GPR solution, as MALÅ MIRA HDR can be the most efficient way to map all the utilities.

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