Guideline Geo launches MALÅ MIRA HDR for large scale 3D GPR mapping  

MALÅ MIRA HDR city background wide news

(NGM: GGEO) Guideline Geo AB (publ) is proud to present MALÅ MIRA HDR, our new GPR array system. It’s the professional choice for large scale 3D GPR mapping and will help customers around the world to create detailed 3D maps of the subsurface with the highest resolution on the market.

Guideline Geo AB (publ) launches all new MALÅ MIRA HDR, a large area 3D GPR mapping solution with the highest data quality and resolution on the market, high-way speed survey capability, improved mechanical design and new user-friendly software.

It is specifically designed for large scale high-resolution 3D GPR mapping of the subsurface. It enables cost effective large area mapping, can be operated at high-way speed with full resolution and delivers the highest GPR data quality on the market.

There are several areas of usage where the MALÅ MIRA HDR will be highly valuable to the users, such as large-scale Utility mapping, Archaeological mapping, Road mapping and profiling.

It is now certified according to EC, FCC and IC. This means that MALÅ MIRA HDR is available for purchase world-wide and that customers in North America now also can benefit from this market-leading solution.

Guideline Geo is proud to launch MALÅ MIRA HDR, which sets a new standard for 3D GPR mapping.


For additional information please contact:

Anders Abrahamsson, CTO, +46 70 3726009

Jesper Emilsson, Product Manager GPR +46 70 3507789

Mikael Nolborg, CEO, Guideline Geo AB, +46 70 8369900