ABEM WalkTEM 2 now available

We are pleased to introduce the all new ABEM WalkTEM 2, a rapid resistivity tool for groundwater, minerals and environmental studies. Whether you are searching for new resources, mapping their extents, or monitoring their change over time, the WalkTEM 2 can make the task quicker and easier.

This second generation of TEM solution to be launched under the ABEM name is much more than just an evolution of the original instrument. A whole new hardware design has introduced unique scalability, improved functionality and further refinements in data quality.

The WalkTEM instruments have always been exceptional tools for groundwater applications but now targeting mineralization has been made simpler with the addition of options in the user interface to take multi-component measurements of the subsurface.

A wider range of instrument options means that finding the right ‘fit’ for your specific needs is easier than ever and our hardware licensing system allows specification upgrades to be purchased and activated remotely with no need to ship the instrument back to a workshop.

Visit the ABEM WalkTEM 2 product page to learn more

Or contact us at sales@guidelinegeo.com to discuss your survey needs.