The archaeologists of NIKU  (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) has made a sensational discovery – a 20 meter Viking ship in Østfold County in Norway.
The viking ship and several burial mounds and longhouses were discovered by using the MALÅ MIRA  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solution. The ship is located  at a shallow depth, only 50 cm. The discovery is of major historical significance – Only three well-preserved Viking ships have been excavated in Norway.

Read about the historical discoveries and see the high-resolution data visualizations below:

In English, here

In Norwegian, here


The News in media


TV4 (The GGEO customer Tyréns explains how the ancient Viking ship was discovered with the MALÅ MIRA GPR technology ). Note! In Swedish/Norwegian











Image: Image courtesy of NIKU ( Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research/Norsk Institutt for kulturminneforskning)