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Our ABEM and MALÅ systems are available to rent. Every instrument comes tested, with the latest software installed and configured to your needs. Guideline Geo is careful to always have the latest equipment available for rent, as well as to service all systems and perform updates between each rental. So, the advantage of renting a system from Guideline Geo is just that – you can be assured that you will rent the latest geophysical technology. For example, combining our ground penetrating radar equipment with the latest data acquisition and processing software on the market ensures that you go as quickly as possible from unpacking the system to delivering results.

Worldwide reach

We ship and deliver worldwide with a variety of shipping methods. Contact us to choose the best one for you. All instruments are also available to pick up at one of our offices in Sweden.  

International support

We offer guaranteed support on any system you choose to rent. We are here to help you from start to finish and are available for support around the clock.

Expert knowledge

We help you with project planning, needs analysis, training, solutions, logistics, assembly and more, so that you can focus completely on the execution of your project.

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FAQ - Common questions


The leasee is responsible for the product during the rental period. Verify that your insurance ensure adequate protection in case of damage. More information in the rental agreement (via email)


From confirmed order, deliveries within a week on a global basis under normal circumstances. Further information in the rental agreement.

Need of introduction to your rented solution?

When you rent an instrument from Guideline Geo, half a day introduction training is available at our Swedish office, all to make you ready for the survey. The hands-on introduction training includes:

Get to know the instrument

  • Buttons, menu & connections
  • Transfer acquired field data from instrument to PC

Recommendations & Instructions

  • Safety instructions
  • General guidelines how to optimize the survey out in the field


If you are in need of other solutions that are not represented on the Guideline Geo web site, please contact us to see whether we can assist in mediating contacts

Need of advanced training?

Advanced training with one of Guideline Geos specialists includes both theory & hands-on:

  • From data acquisition to processing
  • Learn the method and technology

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As a world leader in geo-technology, Guideline Geo is a perfect partner for renting out geophysical equipment and geo-technology survey solutions. At Guideline Geo you can rent complete solutions around the globe for a wide range of applications including key growth areas: detecting and mapping groundwater, environmental mapping and monitoring, geological risk assessment, infrastructure site investigation and mineral exploration. The advantage of renting geophysical equipment from Guideline Geo is that you get a quick project start with the latest tested and upgraded solutions – letting you trial the system before you buy. We also offer training on all systems and equipment.

We help you with project planning, needs analysis, training, solutions, logistics, assembly and more, so that you can focus completely on the execution of your project. We combine service and knowledge with world-leading geophysical solutions.

Rent ground penetrating radar equipment

Our MALÅ range of geophysical solutions can be used for survey on multiple scales including road-scanning, utility mapping, infrastructure assessment, geotechnical site investigation, archaeological survey and a range of geological applications. The GPR method is commonly used when digging, coring, or drilling is not allowed, or needs to be reduced to minimize cost. Ground penetrating radar systems can quickly add useful insights when other sparsely sampled information is not detailed enough.

Rent Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization systems

Electrical resistivity (ERT) can be an efficient option to map subsurface conditions when you need a non-destructive investigation technique and/or want improved data coverage compared to traditional, point-by-point, intrusive methods (such as drilling or digging). The ABEM systems are well-suited to engineering assessment, geological applications, environmental mapping and monitoring, and mineral exploration especially when utilising induced polarisation (IP).

Rent Transient Electromagnetics (TEM) solutions

The TEM method is perfectly suited to locating groundwater, mapping and monitoring saline intrusion, and mineral exploration, but it is also useful for applications such as geological mapping and environmental surveys. The WalkTEM 2 is a modular, scalable system so finding a good match for your TEM rental needs should be easy.

Rent Seismographs and Geophones

When you have a need for a non-destructive investigation technique for subsurface conditions, ABEM seismic solutions can be a good alternative to provide a more comprehensive picture compared to traditional intrusive methods, such as digging and drilling. Being able to calculate quantitative results for engineering parameters makes the seismic method a great tool for geotechnical investigation for things such as bedrock strength, rippability, ground stability and earthquake resilience.

Rent anywhere in the world with international support 24/7

Guideline Geo offers rental on all our products, anywhere, at any time. We tailor solutions for your project with the goal that everything will run as smoothly as possible. We also offer full-time support on any system you rent. For us, having the flexibility to meet your needs is incredibly important: rent individual systems for smaller projects, or everything you need for a larger project. We welcome beginners as well as long-time professionals. We think renting geophysical equipment should be easy and accessible to anyone. Contact our 24/7 sales support or our customer service for a quote.

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If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service or get in touch with our 24/7 sales support. We want to be close to you as a customer and therefore we aim to respond as soon as possible. Get in touch with our dedicated Global Sales and Applications support teams by filling out the form.

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