Do you need to have an instrument repaired? Please fill out the following form and contact us before sending it in

Repair Form  


To ensure our customers get the most out of their solutions, our skilled service team is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive support regarding our ABEM and MALÅ products. 

Guideline Geo Americas – Service Team

Guideline Geo Americas’ full time service department consists of Chris Le and Daniel Laro.

Don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions you might have regarding your equipment.

Phone: +1 843-852-5021 (extension 1)



Do you need an instrument repaired?

Before sending us any equipment for service or repair, please fill out the following form:   

Repair form

International customers: You may need to complete a Pro Forma Invoice to send your equipment to the United States. Please remember to select “Return/Repair” for reason of shipment to insure that you are not charged taxes and duties. If you have any questions about the items being shipped and/or their carriage values, please contact

Please DO NOT ship batteries unless we ask for them. The Li-Ion batteries require specific paper work and/or labeling on your package.