Our Business Areas


Securing the world’s most essential resource

The shortage of clean water is an acute global problem that increases rates of morbidity and mortality, while limiting the development of agriculture in emerging countries. Our solutions make it possible to locate optimal sites for new boreholes with the greatest potential for sustainable water extraction, and also find causes of pollution in existing water supplies.


Protecting life and property

Well-functioning infrastructure is essential for all community planning and construction. We offer complete solutions to support the process of development, construction and maintenance of infrastructure throughout its life-cycle: from preliminary site investigation, through planning and construction to structural analysis for monitoring or identifying repair needs. With our solutions, developers and authorities can receive not only geotechnical forecasts but complete and up-to-date images of the subsurface, thus avoiding surprises and saving time and money, especially within increasingly congested urban settings.

Natural Resources

Maintaining a competitive advantage

With the demand for non-renewable resources being driven continuously higher by emerging economies, energy and mining industries have come to rely on ever-more efficient investigation and imaging technologies to maintain their competitive advantage. We provide the technology that ensures more accurate, faster and more cost-effective data necessary to meet the challenges of today’s mineral resource markets.


Reducing financial, environmental and human risk

As cities around the world grow, it becomes economically attractive to recycle land previously used for various kinds of waste or industry. These initiatives can be expensive and pose health and environmental risks since documentation for these areas is often inadequate and remediation is costly. We offer multidimensional mapping of soil and geology, and visualize them in geographical models as tools for construction planners and decision makers.